Backgrounder Brief – Cape to Canary Wharf SAMSA Training Expedition

Cape To Canary Wharf Aghalhus Training Expedition
50 cadets off on Antarctica expedition

Backgrounder Brief – Cape to Canary Wharf SAMSA Training Expedition

2 November 2012

Cape Town, South Africa, November 2, 2012

Steaming Ahead: On Friday 2 November 2012, South Africa’s Dedicated Training Vessel (DTV), SA Aghalus, the former invasion fleet, and now SA’s first ever continental/training vessel sets sail to London;

Precious Cargo: On board the Aghalus, will be 40 Cadets, in training as part of the South African Maritime Safety Authority’s focus to offer employment opportunities in maritime and seafaring;

The Aghulus: The vessel will be primed to become a respectable and accredited training platform for quality seafarers;

Journey Plan: The vessel is scheduled to stop in Namibia, Ghana, Cote D’Ivoire where it will pick up maritime cadets, heading to London, and then steaming back to South Africa to prepare for a voyage to the Antarctica in January 2013;

Maritime Focus: Throughout Africa the message is shipping – regarded as the new frontier for development and jobs in which SAMSA will provide an authentically South African Maritime Skills Development Programme to accelerate the creation of seafaring jobs both in Marine Navigation, Engineering and Tourism including hospitality;

SA on the Global Map: South Africa provides world class graduates/personnel to world shipping where we are seen as a competitive provider of world class seafarers;

London Calling: The DTV has secured a Charter for a Trans Antarctic Winter Traverse (TAWT) this coming winter by the UK based TAWT Trust setting out at the end of December 2012/beginning of January 2013. The ship will travel to London to pick up necessary equipment, supplies for the Antarctic voyage and the expedition team, before returning to Cape Town to prepare for the departure southwards;

Maritime Experience: Cadets will move to other vessels wherever it is possible after spending a period of four (4) months on the DTV in order to vary their training, including using foreign shipping lines;

SAMSA International Footprint: In late November, SAMSA will host the International Shipping Association as well as a number of the approached lines to showcase the DTV and persuade the shipping lines to accede to the clarion call for provision of sea time for South African cadets;

For more information please contact Tebogo Ramatjie on 082 646 6044 or email or Tokozani Mpepandunku on 072 664 1909 or email;

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Contact Sam Ngubane on 0785560965
Silindiwe Dube on 0727442865

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