SAMSA’s SA Agulhas has landed

Final Send off for SA Agulhas to Antarctica
SAMSA Marine Cadets Lauded by Ice Team in Antarctica

SAMSA’s SA Agulhas has landed

24 January 2013 –

SAMSA’s SA Agulhas carrying the Coldest Journey expedition, with the vessel, manned by African marine cadets, has landed in the Antarctica alongside the ice, where the offload has started, requiring teams to go ashore in a steel ‘man-basket’, with Caterpillar spares, fuel drums and bladders (flubbers), being offloaded. Remarkable journey.

Credits: Image by Coldest Journey

Issued by FBI Communications in collaboration with Blue Leaf Communications on behalf of SAMSA
Farhana Ismail (, cell +27827876987
Samukele Ngubane (, cell +27785560965

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