Pavilion Cares: Mandela Day Activity

The Pavilion uses its privilege to do good to society
SAMSA honors the elderly

Pavilion Cares: Mandela Day Activity

The staff of Pavilion Shopping Centre revamp the facilities at the St Martins Childrens Home

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#ThePavCares – Mandela Day celebrations
July 18, 2017, Durban, South Africa: The Pavilion Shopping Centre as part of their Mandela Day contribution to do good brought smiles to 78 children at the St. Martin’s Children Home in Durban.
The centre’s team visited the Durban-based St. Martin’s Children Home as part of their Mandela Day commemorations.
The Pavilion believes it is necessary for all South Africans to alleviate distress where it can, and provide relief where it is possible to that as many people as possible enjoy the beauty that is life.
The Pavilion team revamped the soccer field as well as the netball and volleyball courts at the Home. It also donated bedding linen, toys and painted the children’s playroom.
Nisha Kemraj, General Manager of the Pavilion Shopping Centre said that the reason for sponsoring the revamp of parts of the home was to have a lasting legacy in the spirit of Nelson Mandela, one of democratic South Africa’s founding fathers.
“I think Mandela Day is not a one day event. I think we should approach everyday with the same drive and passion as we do for Mandela Day. We should seek to do good for others 365 days per year. That is why in whatever endeavor we make as the Pavilion, we want it to make a considerable difference,” said Kemraj.
“The sporting facilities will be available for utilization for a long time. We need to recognise most of the children at the Home are destitute and they need people like us to make the world a more comfortable place for them.
“Part of Mandela’s teachings remind us that we should take care of those who don’t have the power to take care of themselves. Through our sponsorships to various Homes and places in need, we seek to demonstrate that we recognise that no one should live in squalor,” said Kemraj.
The St Martin’s Children’s Home caters for 78 children aged between 3 and 18 years. It was founded in 1897 by sisters from the Society of St. John the Divine. It is one of the oldest children’s Homes in South Africa. Children at the Home are provided with a home as warm as any other, schooling and the kind of support required to build their self-esteem.
The Home’s Principal Ishara Poodhun said: “They [the children] are mostly orphans who come from backgrounds of neglect and abuse.
“We are faced with many challenges, most of which stem from limited funds and resources. Maintenance and running costs are very high. The sponsorship by the Pavilion on this Mandela Day will beautify the Home and serve as a therapeutic means for our children. It will confirm to them that they too, deserve the best in life.”
“Although we have always wanted proper playgrounds for our children, we did not have the budget to refurbish our sport fields, and this sponsorship by the Pavilion will go a long way,” said Poodhun.

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