FBI team works with Sky News

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FBI team works with Sky News


January 25, 2018: Durban, South Africa: FBI Communications were actively involved at the Port of Durban today to support the South African Maritime Safety Authority for their interview with London based- Sky News TV.

Perilous weather conditions had caused high drama at the Port of Durban last year. As a result, four containers fell off vessels in the harbour when ships lost their moorings during the storm, of which two containers were carrying nurdles.

SAMSA as a maritime authority was called in to coordinate recovery and clean-up operations with Transnet and other stakeholders.

Live interviews from the Durban Port were done with the Sky News team headed by Claude Colart and John Sparks for the Sky News Oceans rescue campaign.

Chief Operating Officer for SAMSA, Sobantu Tilayi spoke to the Sky News team about the efforts to clean up the plastic nurdles that are washing off KwaZulu-Natal’s coastline.

In case you missed the interview, here’s a quick recap below.


SAMSA’s Chief Operations Officer, Sobantu Tilayi being interviewed by John Sparks from London based Sky News TV for the Oceans Rescue Campaign at the Durban Harbour.

FBI Communications team member, Sne Ndudula capturing SAMSA’s COO, Sobantu Tilayi reflecting on the coastline nurdle clean-up operations and their progress since the October 10th storm.

SAMSA’s Communications Specialist, Tebogo Ramatjie along SAMSA’s Chief Operations Officer, Sobantu Tilayi and John Sparks from Sky News at the Port of Durban.

SAMSA’s Chief Operations Officer, Sobantu Tilayi at the Durban Harbour.

SAMSA’ s COO,Sobantu Tilayi with Deputy Harbour Master, Justin Adams and one of South Africa’s first black female Master Mariner,Tshepo Motloutsi walking and checking up on operations at the Durban Harbour.


Watch Sky News interview SAMSA’s Chief Operations Officer, Sobantu Tilayi at the Durban Harbour. 


Tilayi says it is programmes like Sky News Ocean Rescue that help to tell things from a South African point of view, raise awareness about plastic pollution and also create awareness about how our oceans are our heritage. It’s one year since the Sky News Ocean Rescue Campagin was launched, and their focus this week was on plastic pollution.


SAMSA’s COO, Sobantu Tilayi reflecting on what happened during the October 10th storm at the Durban Harbour.


SAMSA’s COO, Sobantu Tilayi speaking to John Sparks from Sky News, about lessons learnt from the October 10, 2017 storm which caused havoc at the Durban Harbour, resulting in containers carrying plastic nurdles falling off a cargo vessel.



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