The sky’s the limit for Philisiwe Lee Ngamlana

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The sky’s the limit for Philisiwe Lee Ngamlana

Profile of Philisiwe Lee Ngamlana


The Sky’s the limit

Philisiwe Lee Ngamlana (22) gave up a future in engineering to pursue her “destiny” in the entertainment industry.

Ngamlana is one of the actors who plays the character of Mpume Mngoni – a powerful, energetic and creative black woman proud of being a member of Abangoni Tribe, which is part of the Dim-Dep: Faces of Environmental Success.

Ngamlana said she related to her character and believed it was the most suitable role for her.

“Mpume is from th Mngoni clan in the Stone Age era. She is a princess and the type of character who just wants change and who fights for what’s right, even if it means that it will go against her father’s will. Like me, she is very strong willed,” she added.

Philisiwe is a third-year drama student at the Durban University of Technology (DUT) and believes that being in the entertainment industry is something she was destined for.

“Theatre is a calling for me. It’s a passion and I believe it’s something that has always been following me,” Philisiwe said

After matriculating in 2013 to fulfil her parents’ wishes, she pursued her studies in engineering. But she said she could not resist the urge in her to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming a performer.

“While I was doing engineering I was performing at the same time. Even in high school. I was doing science, but I was the only science student who would hang out with the drama department,” said Ngamlana.

She said productions like Dim-Dep assisted artists to grow and be groomed into becoming future stars.

“Not only is it a platform for us to showcase our talent, but it’s a platform for us to teach others and be taught. We are being taught how to appreciate and sustain nature, how we need to take care of our planet so it can take care of us,” concluded Ngamlana.


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