Public Relations Vs Event Planning

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Public Relations Vs Event Planning

November 19, 2019
Published by: Snenhlanhla Ndudula
There is often confusion that people who carry out events are Public Relation specialists. However, the most
critical point to note is that PR is not Event Management/Planning.
Public Relations is simply the art of strategically managing and controlling how information about an
individual or an organisation is distributed and viewed by the public or media.
PR is also a communication process that assists in building beneficial relationships between companies and
their audiences. Event planning on the other hand, is only just one of the tactics that fall within the umbrella
of PR.

Event management involves creating and developing large-scale events which might include conferences,
conventions, concerts, trade shows, festivals, and ceremonies. It involves identifying the target audience,
formulating the event concept, planning the overall logistics of the event and conducting project management
of the event as a whole. PR is reputation management while eventing on the other hand just focuses on
creating great events.
-PR and events management sometimes blend together, they are certainly separate professions.
-PR campaigns are mainly about constant engagement with the clients target market for a long period of
-In PR there is a need for strategic thinking and planning so all the components and tactics of the campaign
are working together.
-In PR, the PR specialist has to know how to plan an event and an events manager has to know how to PR
the event so it can get media coverage.
-In events, event managers do all the hard work prior to the event and when it is finished, it ends there, while
PR is ongoing.
-In eventing, the event managers hard work is hidden and will get questioned only if something doesn’t go
according to plan.
Project management: both jobs require project management skills.

Creativity: For events and PR driven campaigns to be successful, you have be creative and think outside the
Stakeholder management: Both professions have different stakeholders but they both need to be kept happy
at all times.
Client relations: If the client isn’t happy, the job is not done.

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