The perks of Digital Public Relations

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The perks of Digital Public Relations

October 31, 2019
Published by: Snenhlanhla Ndudula
Public Relations is a fraternity that continues to evolve adapting to a world where people trust influencers,
online campaigns and also other brands online.
With the internet now a medium and platform to spread content and other valuable information online to a
tailored audience at a faster rate, it allows PR companies to maximize reach like never before.
Digital PR is simply traditional PR combined with digital media and various social technologies to create
awareness, understanding and carry out reputation management about an organisation online.
Not only do social technologies allow us to share content, but they also allow companies to create dialogue
with consumers which can lead to purposeful influence of exposure if used the right way and effectively.
It is however important to note the highly interactive world online has its own advantages and disadvantages,
so any digital PR strategy that would be compiled for online requires careful consideration to accommodate
for both. We have listed a few benefits one can gain when using digital PR in their organisation. They are as

  • Reaching larger audiences. Online has given us the opportunity to reach our specific targeted
    audiences and also have far reaching results. The perks of digital PR also include many different ways
    to track and measure how well we’re increasing awareness to our audiences. This includes Google
    Analytics to analytics on social media.
    -Easy to optimise. Since digital marketing and PR comes with reporting, if you see something that is
    not performing as well as you would like, it’s easy to identify it and adjust it to have a greater impact.
  • Improved conversion rates. As you’re reaching a larger audience converting a customer online is just a
    few clicks away. When you show the right desirable character traits online, converting customers to be
    interested in what you are selling or the story you are pushing is effortless as they can click from your
    email to your website to learn more about your organization from the comfort of their homes.
  • Digital PR is cost effective. It takes twice as much effort to promote your brand using traditional media
    and it is also costly. By using digital PR you are saving money on promotional activities and you get
    the opportunity to reach a larger audience.
  • Builds brand identity and brand reputation. Digital marketing can help you build the trust factor with
    your tailored audiences and also build brand identity, as people become more familiar with your brand online, your audiences will sooner grow.

We do hope you found some of the benefits we have listed useful. Indeed, the world of digital and PR is
constantly changing. But, these changes are beneficial to all of us. as advances in Digital PR help get us get
new and even more effective ways to promote our clients brands.

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