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As a black and female-led company, we offer you a distinctive touch to all your media, communication and public-relations needs. Our services are based on our core values of professionalism, dedication, creativity, meticulousness, integrity and credibility. We specialise in conceptualising and implementing your requirements to a relevant market delivering exceptional results. Together with experience and the zest of our youthful approach we combine both creativity and practicality in our tactful approach. FBI Communications is all about empowerment and is always at the forefront of technology.

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We do not accept life in black and white; we see the world through shades and hues of colours. We challenge conventional and outdated thinking with creative solutions and a contemporary. We strive for perfection and the desire to be the best. We are driven by change, and offer above-the-line and below-the-line services in all spheres of our service delivery models. We take the ordinary out of everyday mundane things and provide you with fresh ideas that are unique and bold.

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We are always one step ahead. The difference is our holistic and modern approach to communication. And it is central in our vision in meeting the needs of a shifting and rapidly changing marketplace. We serve your individual market needs through our personalised and customised strategies. We ensure that we are both relevant and adaptable to the variable communication needs of our clients and their consumers. We take your business from stagnant to success!


We popularise your brand into a household name. We create public awareness and insight into your operations. We engage the expertise and skills of the industry leaders. We strive to attain the cutting edge that gives you a competitive PR advantage. With a proven track record of both public and private sector clients, we have created an exceptional reputation in effective branding and media planning.

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Our Driving Values are: Out of the Box, Believe, Overcome, Confidence and Transform.We bring the best of ourselves and partners to our clients. Our tenacious thorough approach drives creativity and growth for clients and ourselves. Our excellence, curiosity and courage are very much at the heart of who we are and drive our continued evolution as a firm.

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We will continue to preserve our credibility as the leaders in communication, and endeavour to further engage in resourceful, relevant and effective solutions. It is our mission to further entrench ourselves as an industry-leading marketing communications agency that is able to inspire and sustain corporate reputation and trust.

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We are committed to creating a platform for effective and value-added communication to “Go Beyond the Conventional Approach” using globalised techniques for public relations, marketing, advertising and communications. We will continue to lead in innovative communication solutions that challenge perceptions, transform behaviour and build lasting relationships with brands.