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Reputation & Crisis Management Gaining Ground

Published by: Snenhlanhla Ndudula

Reputation and crisis management has been speedily gaining ground and momentum as a driving philosophy behind the corporate Public Relations. A reputation can take years to build and can be easily destroyed in just a split second. At FBI Communications we ensure that our clients, their products, brand and services remain well protected and ready to tackle any flood of negativity that might arise through various tactics we offer.

What is reputation and crisis management?

It is simply about framing public perception about an entity or person and shaping it into a positive thought.

The process involves shifting the publics opinion and influencing them to think about a situation or person in a different perspective by influencing online information about that entity or particular person. This is where FBI Communications comes in. As FBI, we have a team of experienced experts, strategists and PR gurus who have a way of turning negative situations into positive PR.

We also keep up with the times as most tactics that we use in this modern and adaptive to this digital age. This includes the use of social media, analysing search engine results, user reviews, and making use of traditional media.

Why does it matter?

Online search engines don’t view reputation as an essential. They are programmed to filter information based on its popularity and relevance at the time. So, for instance if negative publicity or unpleasant appears, they will be the first to be visible, resulting in tarnishing your reputation.

According to an article published by Igniyte- a leading authority in online reputation management- Google controls as much as 92% of all search engine traffic. The first page of a Google search for your name attracts 95% of traffic from an average search.

Taking control of what the public sees when they search for your brand, or company allows you to control the narrative.

A well-managed reputation will always portray you in a positive light so that you benefit from a credible profile, gain more trust, and even attract the best and new opportunities. This also includes positive publicity.

It is also important to note that how you display your brand, business and product has a lot to do with how the public will perceive your business, brand, or services, which is your reputation.